I should tell you about me

Myself cool stupid guy…Sabir, that’s the name they used to call me…Despite my privileged upbringing, I’m quite well balanced…I m neither unique nor absolutely different…
I like travelling but hates to arrive…I like zigzag graph activities… I hates the slang words but usually sometimes I use some…
Friends are not a great fan of mine due to such Misfits rebels trouble making and surely the round pegs in the square holes are in defaults at my activities …cant ignore them… actually many times I tried to break the introvertism but you know what I can’t…and yeah ! I got it… I didn’t need to… I am as I am awesome.
I really do mistakes on spelling very time …Many things on Many time I usually forget….…fond of rules Ah! what a joke…
Easily fall in love… I believed too much people Many of them hurted me So it is difficult to believe your soul…
Being crazy being busy & creating my own time are part of mine…so your complain can’t be granted ?


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