Homecoming Tiny Tales

She smiles, she shy, she acts, she is awesome. The happy faces that I am lucky to encounter on my way back to home after the irresistible mid semester examination, an acute vacation on Bihu holidays. The travel initiates from my chamber with whom I spend most of my time. I was being accompanied by... Continue Reading →


Unorthodox me !

The reflections at their eyes given faded pictures of my way of response or hateful reasons for my illogical behavior to many or some beautiful souls around me. Many found me aleins to their company but I am starting towards ignorance, many termed as introvert or something else. Never mind !!! It feels like cracking... Continue Reading →


The land is same, the sky is same; Then why are people fighting for religious fame ? When humans are lacking in humanity, And the whole situation is full of brutality. Then there is the end of loyalty, And there prevails only cruelty . Wake up ! Wake up ! Wake up ! It's the... Continue Reading →


Learn to say fuck you to the world every once in a while you have every right to use practice being stupid dumb unthinking empty then you will be able to DO… Don’t worry about cool Make your uncool Make your own world if you fear Make it work for you Draw and paint your... Continue Reading →

I should tell you about me

Myself cool stupid guy...Sabir, that's the name they used to call me...Despite my privileged upbringing, I'm quite well balanced...I m neither unique nor absolutely different... I like travelling but hates to arrive...I like zigzag graph activities... I hates the slang words but usually sometimes I use some... Friends are not a great fan of mine... Continue Reading →

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